Mission & Vision


Mission & Vision

I wanted to make sure my company was about more than creating and selling merchandise. When creating the company, I had to define what’s important to me and I wanted to be committed to helping people but also giving back to my ancestors and those who follow their path.

Our Mission: To discover, preserve, inspire and empower people of the Nile Valley.

Our Vision: To respect and revere our ancestors, their stories and their lands of origin.

Our Value Proposition: Ancestor Veneration, follow in the path of your ancestors, you learn to walk like them.

Our Big Why: To Positively Impact the Lives of Others Through Awareness, Understanding and Actions.

Our Core Values & Beliefs: Loyalty, Preservation, Self Determination, Collaboration, Integrity, Empowerment, Charity.

Each purchase helps to fund a program and community in need. It also supports the authors, publishers and artists who make these iconic works an integral part of our lives.

4% of net profits will be donated to Aegis America, Inc. to help prevent genocide and mass atrocities in Ethiopia/Sudan.

4% of net profits will be donated to local charities.